Garden Society is a benefit corporation creating a sisterhood of women in search of new, more holistic ways to rejuvenate from the rigors of our daily lives. Founded in Sonoma County by Erin Gore and Karli Warner in 2016, Garden Society offers high quality cannabis-infused confections and sun-grown flower pre-rolls that connect responsible farming, sustainable ingredients and strain-specific cannabis in a variety of products. Garden Society edibles and pre-rolls are intended to be enjoyed responsibly to relieve pain, alleviate stress, and enable each of us to live our lives more fully. Find a 'Fresh Perspective' in the joy that cannabis brings to our everyday lives!  


We are girlfriends, wives, moms, sisters, bill-payers, breadwinners, caretakers and peacemakers. We are multitaskers, with a huge passion to pursue all this world offers.

We are a sisterhood of like-minded women. We are pioneers, in search of new, more holistic ways to rejuvenate from the rigors of our daily lives. We seek new ways to regain perspective—and constantly look for ways to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

We are NOT superwomen, but we ARE amazing.

Welcome to Garden Society.



As cannabis flower and manufactured products become mainstream, it's every cannabis brand's responsibility to take measures to grow and/or manufacture products that are of the highest standards and quality. We also owe it to our consumers to educate and inform them on how the plant was grown. 

Based on those beliefs, Garden Society grows the highest quality, strain-specific cannabis for all of our flower and infused products. Our farmers believe in the importance of using biodynamic practices in growing our cannabis because our customers deserve a product  that is not only grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers, but also improves the overall health of the entire ecosystem. 

We also use only fair trade, and locally-sourced ingredients because providing the highest quality confections to our customers is a key part of our core values and sourcing local across all ingredients also equates to less of a carbon footprint.

 Additionally, testing is key for both raw ingredients and final product. This is not only now a legal requirement in California, but a commitment we made in building a brand our loyal consumers can trust. At Garden Society we test all along the manufacturing process - from the plant to the final confection. We believe in whole plant, full spectrum cannabis. This means our low-pressure extraction process maintains all of the cannabinoid and terpenoid levels from the harvested plant through to the product sold on the shelf. This is important to us as maintaining the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant result in more effective and therapeutic products - from our pre-rolled cannabis to our edibles. This rigorous testing also allows us to screen for mycotoxins and pesticides - allowing us to insure to our consumers that our products are fungus and pesticide-free.

We believe this rigorous process of testing demonstrates our commitment to safety, effectiveness, and overall quality. We also believe that those in this burgeoning industry should hold themselves to the same standards. It's good for their business and even better for their customers.

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