The Best CBD Drinks, Oils + More for Relieving Pain and Getting Sleep

We all have stressful days, sleepless nights, and bodies that sometimes hurt. ICYMI, cannabis is your friend.

CBD, as we now know, is an excellent tool to keep you rolling through life's ups and downs, and with a range of products out there, it's super easy to integrate it into your existing lifestyle.


Meet the Working Mothers of Cannabis

Raising a family is never easy, especially when you’re an entrepreneur trying to launch a business. Not only do you have to worry about providing for your family financially, but there’s also the struggle of trying to balance your work life with the emotional needs of your family.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Green Entrepreneur talked with three of the countless working mothers of the cannabis industry to learn how they manage to make it all work.


Cannabis brand incorporates recyclable, child-resistant packaging

When upgrading its packaging for CA compliance, cannabis brand Garden Society finds tamper-evident stickers and child-resistant boxes and cartons that maintain the botanical aesthetic.

Garden Society launched in Sonoma County, CA, in 2016 with the mission of delivering high-quality cannabis edibles and pre-rolls to women looking to relieve pain and stress and live life more fully. The company emphasizes the use of biodynamic farming methods, fair trade, and locally sourced ingredients, and conveys a natural, sophisticated feel through their botanical graphics and packaging.


The Canna-pocalypse of Small Brands Is Upon Us - But All Is Not Lost

As cannabis businesses in California and beyond transition to the regulated market, we are seeing the canna-pocalypse of our favorite farms, products, and brands across the industry. The astronomical cost of licensing and compliance, combined with the lack of access to banking and traditional financial services afforded to other small businesses, make financing for growth one of the hardest and most limiting pieces to the puzzle. Hard-working entrepreneurs are also closing down for a multitude of other reasons, including waiting on permits and licenses to ever-changing rules and compliance, and at this stage it’s easy to run out of both time and money.


A Cannaversation with Omar Figueroa

Omar Figueroa is a highly notable figure in cannabis law. Since 1998 he has “provided legendary legal representation to hundreds of peaceful human beings facing incarceration for cannabis-related felonies.” When Prop 64 passed in California, he started providing guidance as companies made the transition to a legal market. He is the author of two important legal reference guides: “Cannabis Codes of California: Legalization Edition” and “California Cannabis Laws: MAUCRSA Edition”.


A Higher Cause: Is It Possible to Consume Organic Cannabis?

Thanks to its leafy branding and hippie endorsement, cannabis has long enjoyed an earthy, au naturel image. The vast majority of weed sold, however, isn’t grown in any sort of sun-dappled Eden. With global sales expected to hit $16.9 billion in 2019, cannabis has become a massive industry, much of which relies on indoor, energy-intensive growing; heavy doses of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and rodenticides; and often, drug cartels. The dire effects of cannabis cultivation on waterways, forest soils, and human rights have been well documented, meaning Whole Foods acolytes should be hip to the fact that your average puff of pot isn’t clean, green, or remotely organic.


The Curated Guide to Cannabis in the Bay Area: Best Dispensaries, Deliveries, Artisan Edibles + More

A new generation of sophisticated pot shops is making us feel at home with concierges, chandeliers, and VIP lounges. And, of course, on-demand delivery. Here are our favorite places in the Bay Area to buy grade-A flowers, artisanal edibles, and more.


'Garden Society: The Podcast' Launches Season One

Garden Society, a woman-owned and -operated cannabis wellness brand based in Sonoma County, is delighted to announce the launch of its new audio series “Garden Society | The Podcast.”

Available everywhere podcasts are found, Garden Society’s new biweekly show is a source of cannabis and business education that’s easy to understand and access for women who are looking for ways to balance their time and energy among work, personal needs, family, and friendships. You needn’t partake of cannabis to enjoy the episodes, but if you do, you’ll find even more to connect with.


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