3rd Annual Wine & Weed Symposium Is Success

More than 40 companies were on hand to showcase new products and services, and attendees had the opportunity to participate in a unique cannabis sensory experience offered by Garden Society, a cannabis confection company that specializes in low dose edibles. The interactive experience allowed people to examine whole cannabis plants, flowers, and leaves, to smell different identifiers in different strains, and taste foods that share similar terpene profiles.


New Cannabis Group Launches to Guide Federal Public Policy

With conversations about cannabis taking place across the country, a new group has launched to educate and advocate for accessibility and inclusiveness as policy conversations move to legalization and regulation for the cannabis industry. The mission of the Access + Innovation Project, a federal campaign guided by a diverse, all-women advisory board of recognized industry leaders, is to develop a modern and comprehensive regulatory model for the cannabis industry and ensure that small businesses, women and people of color continue to play a leadership role in the industry.


Women, Wine & Weed

The women on this Wine and Weed Symposium panel are unmistakably movers and shakers of the cannabis community. They approach the responsible marketing and consuming of cannabis as professionals, either migrating from the wine and related business to weed and adding this new frontier to their already busy wine life or transitioning completely.


Five Focused Questions With Erin Gore Founder Of Garden Society

It's ironic that the very flowers that I desire the most are the ones which are the most illusive to find out east. Of course if circumstances permitted, I'm pretty sure I could find the time to taste through the line of Garden Society offerings out on the west coast if I only got out there more often! Hence the written word and the ability to create thirst out of words. When I started to dig a bit deeper, I learned that Garden Society, like the wine propagated in the region had many similarities. One of the most profound was the use of Biodynamics. My own childhood farm was for a time, Certified Biodynamic. It's pretty stringent and Organics are another route entirely. Rudolph Steiner, the father of Biodynamics may not have used cannabis, but his theories and practices adhere to these principals in the garden with alacrity.


The Best CBD Drinks, Oils + More for Relieving Pain and Getting Sleep

We all have stressful days, sleepless nights, and bodies that sometimes hurt. ICYMI, cannabis is your friend.

CBD, as we now know, is an excellent tool to keep you rolling through life's ups and downs, and with a range of products out there, it's super easy to integrate it into your existing lifestyle.


Meet the Working Mothers of Cannabis

Raising a family is never easy, especially when you’re an entrepreneur trying to launch a business. Not only do you have to worry about providing for your family financially, but there’s also the struggle of trying to balance your work life with the emotional needs of your family.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Green Entrepreneur talked with three of the countless working mothers of the cannabis industry to learn how they manage to make it all work.


Cannabis brand incorporates recyclable, child-resistant packaging

When upgrading its packaging for CA compliance, cannabis brand Garden Society finds tamper-evident stickers and child-resistant boxes and cartons that maintain the botanical aesthetic.

Garden Society launched in Sonoma County, CA, in 2016 with the mission of delivering high-quality cannabis edibles and pre-rolls to women looking to relieve pain and stress and live life more fully. The company emphasizes the use of biodynamic farming methods, fair trade, and locally sourced ingredients, and conveys a natural, sophisticated feel through their botanical graphics and packaging.


The Canna-pocalypse of Small Brands Is Upon Us - But All Is Not Lost

As cannabis businesses in California and beyond transition to the regulated market, we are seeing the canna-pocalypse of our favorite farms, products, and brands across the industry. The astronomical cost of licensing and compliance, combined with the lack of access to banking and traditional financial services afforded to other small businesses, make financing for growth one of the hardest and most limiting pieces to the puzzle. Hard-working entrepreneurs are also closing down for a multitude of other reasons, including waiting on permits and licenses to ever-changing rules and compliance, and at this stage it’s easy to run out of both time and money.


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