How to Succeed in a Turbulent Industry: 3 Top Tips from a Cannabis Entrepreneur

Cannabis has become a booming "sister industry" in recent years to wine, which is my home base as an entrepreneur. That familial relationship is partly because the largest quantities of the two crops grow in many of the same locations in the western U.S., from Northern California up to Washington. Partly it's a love-hate relationship in the typical familial ways, as cannabis growers threaten to poach vineyard workers from already-strapped wineries, offering better wages and relatively easier labor. And the cannabis and wine industries share important similarities, namely their offer of recreational intoxicants. That's especially true since voters in California passed Proposition 64 in November 2016, which legalized recreational marijuana in that state and shot it to the top of the list as the country's largest legal pot market. Yet launching a cannabis business--despite its novelty, potential profits, and general lifestyle appeal--is often more challenging than launching a business in wine.


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